Replacement Plain Tiles:
These are cut to share by hand to give a completely square edge, which together with tight grout lines are features of the original floor.

Replacement Encaustic Tiles:
There is a standard range of patterns available in various sizes and these can be produced in colours to match the majority of plane times. Reproductions of other existing encaustic tile designs can also be supplied but an additional charge is made for producing the mould. These reproductions take an additional three to four weeks.

Because the tiles are made from clay they are slightly absorbent and there for dirt can accumulate over the years. By cleaning and sealing the floor you can restore the natural bright colours and sheen to the tiles. The process also makes the floors easier to maintain. We use proven industry techniques and products to restore this natural brilliance.

The tiles were originally oiled by hand after washing to bring up the sheen and seal the surface. Once cleaned, floors will initially require between four to five thin coats of sealant. Then depending on the traffic and regular maintenance will need a "top-up" coat every twelve months. We are happy to take on regular maintenance programmes as part of our service.

Quotations provided on sight of project

Written quotations available on request. Approximate quotes available on receipt of clear digital images.

We also undertake Terrazzo and Quarry tile restoration and maintenance.